Course Projects: Spring 2019

The table below lists 33 course projects in Spring 2019 offering. Students enrolled with 3 units were required to submit a short project summary, and ones enrolled with 4/5 units were required to submit a full project report.
Project TitleAuthorsSummaryReports
Playing Learning a Virtual Piano Farhan Azam / Daniel Salz
A high-productivity portable head-mounted display Joan Creus-Costa / John Dean
A Visualization Tool for Perceptual Aspects of a VR System Katherine Kowalski / Sarah Olsson
VR Tool for Visualizing Time-evolving Scalar 3D Fields Ramiro Leal-Cavazos
Wizard Game Jose Saldana
VR First Person Shooter Game in Minecraft World Liuming Zhao
Accurate Eye Tracking Depth of Field Blur Patrick Straight
Interactive Virtual Reality Application Created in Unity: Forest Fire Fighter Marsie Trego
Application of Motion Detection in Next Generation ACT/ARPG Games Yinchen Xu / Wanlin Liu
3D Adventure Game Gendong Zhang
Advertisement in AR Michelle Diaz
Using CNNs to See What You See Avoy Datta
Towards 3D Reconstruction and Navigation of Medical Imagery Sean Konz / Richard Henry
VRTyper: Keyboard for Virtual Office Application Kylee Krzanich / Sam Xu
Stereoscopic Untethered Video See-through Augmented Reality Khoi Le / Kyle Qian
Interactive German Learning with VR: Umfassende U¨ bung Macht den Meister! Lauren Mentzer
VRduino Gaze Tracking Dataset Generation Using Commody Hardware Vinh Nguyen / Jananan Mithrakumar
ARCase: Enabling Occlusion for Camera-based AR with Sensor Pack Breno Dal Bianco / Cristobal Sciutto
3D Duck Hunt Tate Eileen DeWeese / Kairen Ye
Virtual Reality Survival Shooter Aditya Dusi / Simon Lorenzo
Enabling Interactive Interior Design through Virtual Reality Divya Gupta / Mark Zhao
Ray Casting in VR Divyahans Gupta
Moonbase Omega Jason He / John Cheng
First Person VR Shooting Game John Chen Yu
VR Submarine Game Noah Katz / Kais Kudrolli
Occlusion-capable AR Display Brooke Krajancich
Shiny Space Coaster Ye Li / Kefan Wang
VR Snake Game Weiquan Mao / Jiyao Yuan
MedSpace : a Virtual Reality Environment for a Meditative Experience Abhijeet Rajendra Phatak
Taha Rajabzadeh
3D Tetris Alex Toews
Winner Chicken Dinner Jiahui Wang
Kung Fu Master Xiaole Wang / Yu Zeng

Course Projects: Spring 2018

The table below lists 36 course projects in Spring 2018 offering. Students enrolled with 3 units were required to submit a short project summary, and ones enrolled with 4 units were required to submit a full project report.
Project TitleAuthorsSummaryReports
Optimizing IMU Based Gesture Classification Paa Adu / Stefan Bran-Melendez [pdf]
Echo: a VR-based Approach to Promote Ear Training Rahul Agnihotri / Deepak Chandran [pdf]
VR SkyFall 3D Game Han Lin Aung / Juan Manuel Camacho [pdf]
First Person Minesweeper Dylan Black / Abhishek Roushan [pdf]
Implementing Virtual Reality Metrics for Eye Contact Therapy Caroline Braviak / Jonathan Lin [pdf]
3D Painting App Built with Gear VR Yao Chen / Jiaqi Jiang [pdf]
VR Racing Game Sophia Chen / Suzannah Osekowsky [pdf]
Ungrounded Multi-Fingertip Tactile Device for Improved Typing Performance in Virtual Reality Michael Y. Cheung NA
Space Shooter VR Victoria Chiu / Michael Kossyrev [pdf]
Absolute Orientation for Head-Tracking Using Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Camera Kyle Fisher [pdf]
Hand-Tracking for 3D Modeling Applications Stewart Gray III [pdf]
Convolutional Neural Networks for Eye Tracking Algorithm Jonathan Griffin / Adrea Ramirez [pdf]
3D Drink Collecting Game Using Position Tracking You Guan / Qixiang Zhang [pdf]
An interactive virtual office with Leap Motion Ayush Gupta / Shreyash Pandey [pdf]
HzpiralVR Mark Hertensteiner [pdf]
Interactive Augmented Reality - Control Panel Music Visualizer Kevin Johnson / Justin Cheung [pdf]
Style Transfer for VR Lisa Lei / Matias Castillo [pdf]
Enhanced AR Learning for Guitar Beginners with Meta 2 and Camera-based Tracking Yicheng Li / Zhenzhi Xia [pdf]
First-Person Shooting Game in THREE.js Mingchen Li / Mengxi Zhao [pdf]
Display Stream Compression for VR Media Stephen Lopez [pdf]
Does naive ChromaBlur drive accommodation? Therice Morris [pdf]
Display Stream Compression for VR Media Neil Movva [pdf]
Estimating Lighthouse Intrinsic Parameters Using Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization Prateek Murgai [pdf]
Hand-Tracking Based Interactive 3D Modeling using Mesh Deformation Sofya Ogunseitan [pdf]
Low Cost Magnetic Field-Based VR Gesture Tracking by Machine Learning Levi Oliver / Kai Zhang [pdf]
A WebGL VR Implementation of an Obstacle Avoider Game Anirudh Patel / David LaFehr [pdf]
"Enlightening": An Interactive AR Educational Application Therese Persson / Benjamin Goeing / Greg White [pdf]
VR First-Person Space Shooter Game in Unity Sarah Radzihovsky / Tien-Ning Hsu [pdf]
First Person Shooter Game Ivan Salinas / Ashwini Ramamoorthy [pdf]
Head Gesture Classification for Video Game Interactions Samuel Sowell / Rysen Otomo [pdf]
VR Environment in Unreal Engine 4 Sven Thole [pdf]
The Rings of Mars Brian Wilcox / Connor Lamon [pdf]
3D Immersive Environment for Dendritic Spine Labeling in Confocal Microscopic Images Xuerong Xiao / Li Tao [pdf]
N/A Zixi Xu [pdf]
The Maze VR Yundong Zhang / Emma An [pdf]
N/A Yun Zhang / Qiwen Fu [pdf]

Course Projects: Spring 2017

Unlike Sprint 2016, only students enrolled with 4 units were required to submit project reports. The table below lists 41 course projects in Spring 2017 offering.
Project TitleAuthorsProposalReports
Clipping-Based Virtual Environment Andrew Lee [pdf] [pdf]
VR Space Shooter Game with Leap Motion Xuandong Lei / Chen Zhu [pdf]
Affordable Cinematic VR Content Creation Neel Bedekar / Aniq Masood [pdf] [pdf]
Interactive spacecraft flight simulation game using Unity3D Haihong Li / Tong Yang [pdf]
Immersive inner-tissue visualization based on Optical Coherence Tomography scans Orly Liba [pdf]
Localized Space Display: Combining Gestural Control and Spatial 3D Interactions in
a Conventional Computer Monitor
Vincent Chen
Jason Ginsberg
[pdf] [pdf]
PhD Archer: The VR game and UX Analysis Te-Lin Wu / Po-Nan Li [pdf] [pdf]
Physical Manipulation of Virtual Holograms Using Proxies Michael Lin [pdf] [pdf]
Tracking Hand Movements using a Handheld VRduino Benjamin Wiberg / Jacob Suchoski [pdf]
Surveying Options for Taking the VRduino Wireless Meera Radhakrishnan [pdf] [pdf]
Unity Shooting Range with Haptic Feedback Tanuj Thapliyal / Travis Allen [pdf]
Kalman filter for orientation tracking TJ Melanson [pdf]
First-person Tower Defense Game for Mobile VR on Google Cardboard Chi Zhang / Qian Yu [pdf]
Crowd-sourced Data Collection Pipeline for Human Attention Tracking in Virtual Environment Zhiyang He [pdf] [pdf]
VR Music Instrument and Visualizer Charles Hale / Akshay Rajagopal [pdf]
Monocular AR display Sam Girvin / Oliver Jin / Anna Zeng [pdf] [pdf]
Rendering with Positional Tracking Heather Shen / Jason Liu [pdf] [pdf]
Real Time Pose Estimation of the Hand for TMS Neuronavigation Grant Yang
Gesture Classification with IMU Data Alex Fu / Yangyang Yu [pdf]
Survival Game Sheng-Hsiang Huang / Daniel Hsu [pdf]
Duck hunt Yaya Khoja / Megan Fazio [pdf]
VR Conductor Teun de Planque / Cedric Yue [pdf] [pdf]
VR Brickbreaker Dae Hyun Kim / Marcus Pan [pdf]
VR Pac-Man Jingtao Xu / Yingran Xu [pdf]
VR stealth action video game in Unity Peter Do / Brennan Shacklett [pdf] [pdf]
First-person sound-based VR game Brad Huang / Vivian Yang [pdf] [pdf]
Mitigating Motion Sickness in FPV Drones Eli Wu [pdf] [pdf]
Piano practice through Mixed Reality Yijun Zhou / Yinghao Xu [pdf]
Performance analysis of Wolverine Inrak Choi [pdf]
The Matrix Kushaagra Goyal / Sanyam Mehra [pdf]
Fruit Ninja VR: An Interactive Game in Unity Sagar Honnungar / Varsha Sankar [pdf]
Extension of HW6 Positional Tracking Theo Diamandis / Georgia Murray [pdf] [pdf]
Eye-Movement Based Active Calibration for Head Mounted Display with Eye Tracking Nicole Grimwood / Sophia Williams [pdf]
Virtual Apartment Tour Chonnuttida Koracharkornradt [pdf]
AR headset Yang Li / Huizi Mao [pdf]
Virtual Occlusions in Video See-Through Immersive Augmented Reality Rahul Prabala / Alex Bertrand [pdf]
9 DoF IMU Sensor Fusion Kaicheng Wang [pdf]
Virtual Racing Peng Yuan / Zhi Bie [pdf]
Lighthouse Calibration Anthony Van [pdf]
How good are you seeing with your ears? Rehman Ali / Shai Messingher [pdf]
Twist Your Fingers - A Hand Shadow Game Yixin Wang / Chenyue Meng [pdf] [pdf]

Course Project: Spring 2016

The table below lists 20 course projects in Spring 2016 offering.
Project TitleAuthorsProposalsReportsPosters
Gaze Attention Guidance Eli Ben-Joseph / Eric Greenstein [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Haptic Rendering Cheng Chen / Jihee Hwang [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Hand Tracking in VR Royce Cheng-Yue / Hershed Tilak [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Advanced IMU Sensor Fusion Andre Corman / Darren Mei [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Hand Tracking in VR Adam Craig / Sreenath Krishnan [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
IMU-based light saber Fahim Dalvi / Tariq Patanam [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Magnetometer-based UI Charles Han / Ke Xu [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Hand Tracking in VR Lin Shao [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
IMU Mobile Positional Tracking Aashna Mago / Hassan Karaouni [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Tutting Dance with IMU Amr Mohamed / Lucas Lin [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Positional Tracking with SLAM Mariana Neubauer / Shannon Kao [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
MobileEyes Jackie Becker / Thu Ngo [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
AudiScape Nitish Padmanaban / Keenan Molner [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
MYO THE FORCE BE WITH YOU David Pan / Karen Yang [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Recognizing Head Gestures for Head-mounted Displays Timon Ruban / Jeremy Wood [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Joint Depth of Field and Disparity Manipulation Raj Shah / Skanda Shridhar [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Advanced Anaglyph Stereo Rendering Hayato Ikoma / Alexa Siu [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Upper Limb Position Tracking based on Kinematic Model and IMU Measurement Kaiyuan Zhu / Liang Shi [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Virtualized Reality Using Depth Camera Point Clouds Abhilash Sunder Raj / Jordan Cazamias [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Dynamic Blanking for Virtual Reality Image Displacement Anthony Pelot [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]