Course Projects: Spring 2019

The table below lists 33 course projects in Spring 2019 offering. Students enrolled with 3 units were required to submit a short project summary, and ones enrolled with 4/5 units were required to submit a full project report.
Project TitleAuthorsReports
Playing Learning a Virtual Piano Farhan Azam / Daniel Salz [pdf]
A high-productivity portable head-mounted display Joan Creus-Costa / John Dean [pdf]
A Visualization Tool for Perceptual Aspects of a VR System Katherine Kowalski / Sarah Olsson [pdf]
VR Tool for Visualizing Time-evolving Scalar 3D Fields Ramiro Leal-Cavazos [pdf]
Shoutcast VR: Using Audio Inputs For Better Immbersion Jose Saldaa [pdf]
VR First Person Shooter Game in Minecraft World Liuming Zhao [pdf]
Kung Fu Master Xiaole Wang / Yu Zeng [pdf]
Interactive Virtual Reality Application Created in Unity: Forest Fire Fighter Marsie Trego [pdf]
Application of Motion Detection in Next Generation ACT/ARPG Games Yinchen Xu / Wanlin Liu [pdf]
3D Adventure Game Gendong Zhang [pdf]
Advertisement in AR Michelle Diaz [pdf]
MobileGaze: An efficient framework for mobile gaze tracking Avoy Datta [pdf]
Towards 3D Reconstruction and Navigation of Medical Imagery Sean Konz / Richard Henry [pdf]
VRTyper: Keyboard for Virtual Office Application Kylee Krzanich / Sam Xu [Xu pdf] [Krzanich pdf]
Stereoscopic Untethered Video See-through Augmented Reality Khoi Le / Kyle Qian [pdf]
Interactive German Learning with VR: Umfassende U¨ bung Macht den Meister! Lauren Mentzer [pdf]
Networked Eye Tracking Using Commodity Hardware Vinh Nguyen / Jananan Mithrakumar [pdf]
Camera-based occlusion for AR in Metal via depth extraction from the iPhone dual camera Breno Dal Bianco / Cristobal Sciutto [pdf]
Crow Hunt: A First-Person Shooter VR Game Tate Eileen DeWeese / Kairen Ye [pdf]
Virtual Reality Survival Shooter Aditya Dusi / Simon Lorenzo [pdf]
Toy Scary Divya Gupta / Mark Zhao [pdf]
Ray Casting in VR Divyahans Gupta [pdf]
VR Submarine Game Noah Katz / Kais Kudrolli [pdf]
Occlusion-Capable Optical See-Through Augmented Reality Display using a single Spatial Light Modulator Brooke Krajancich [pdf]
Shiny Space Coaster Ye Li / Kefan Wang [pdf]
3D Snake Game Weiquan Mao / Jiyao Yuan [pdf]
MedSpace : a Virtual Reality Environment for a Meditative Experience Abhijeet Rajendra Phatak [pdf]
VR/AR Foveated Lens Taha Rajabzadeh [pdf]
3D Tetris Alex Toews [pdf]
Winner Chicken Dinner Jiahui Wang [pdf]
Moonbase Omega Jason He / John Cheng Yu [pdf]
First-person VR Ball Game Joseph Yen [pdf]

Course Projects: Spring 2018

The table below lists 36 course projects in Spring 2018 offering. Students enrolled with 3 units were required to submit a short project summary, and ones enrolled with 4 units were required to submit a full project report.
Project TitleAuthorsSummaryReports
Optimizing IMU Based Gesture Classification Paa Adu / Stefan Bran-Melendez [pdf]
Echo: a VR-based Approach to Promote Ear Training Rahul Agnihotri / Deepak Chandran [pdf]
VR SkyFall 3D Game Han Lin Aung / Juan Manuel Camacho [pdf]
First Person Minesweeper Dylan Black / Abhishek Roushan [pdf]
Implementing Virtual Reality Metrics for Eye Contact Therapy Caroline Braviak / Jonathan Lin [pdf]
3D Painting App Built with Gear VR Yao Chen / Jiaqi Jiang [pdf]
VR Racing Game Sophia Chen / Suzannah Osekowsky [pdf]
Ungrounded Multi-Fingertip Tactile Device for Improved Typing Performance in Virtual Reality Michael Y. Cheung NA
Space Shooter VR Victoria Chiu / Michael Kossyrev [pdf]
Absolute Orientation for Head-Tracking Using Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Camera Kyle Fisher [pdf]
Hand-Tracking for 3D Modeling Applications Stewart Gray III [pdf]
Convolutional Neural Networks for Eye Tracking Algorithm Jonathan Griffin / Adrea Ramirez [pdf]
3D Drink Collecting Game Using Position Tracking You Guan / Qixiang Zhang [pdf]
An interactive virtual office with Leap Motion Ayush Gupta / Shreyash Pandey [pdf]
HzpiralVR Mark Hertensteiner [pdf]
Interactive Augmented Reality - Control Panel Music Visualizer Kevin Johnson / Justin Cheung [pdf]
Style Transfer for VR Lisa Lei / Matias Castillo [pdf]
Enhanced AR Learning for Guitar Beginners with Meta 2 and Camera-based Tracking Yicheng Li / Zhenzhi Xia [pdf]
First-Person Shooting Game in THREE.js Mingchen Li / Mengxi Zhao [pdf]
Display Stream Compression for VR Media Stephen Lopez [pdf]
Does naive ChromaBlur drive accommodation? Therice Morris [pdf]
Display Stream Compression for VR Media Neil Movva [pdf]
Estimating Lighthouse Intrinsic Parameters Using Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization Prateek Murgai [pdf]
Hand-Tracking Based Interactive 3D Modeling using Mesh Deformation Sofya Ogunseitan [pdf]
Low Cost Magnetic Field-Based VR Gesture Tracking by Machine Learning Levi Oliver / Kai Zhang [pdf]
A WebGL VR Implementation of an Obstacle Avoider Game Anirudh Patel / David LaFehr [pdf]
"Enlightening": An Interactive AR Educational Application Therese Persson / Benjamin Goeing / Greg White [pdf]
VR First-Person Space Shooter Game in Unity Sarah Radzihovsky / Tien-Ning Hsu [pdf]
First Person Shooter Game Ivan Salinas / Ashwini Ramamoorthy [pdf]
Head Gesture Classification for Video Game Interactions Samuel Sowell / Rysen Otomo [pdf]
VR Environment in Unreal Engine 4 Sven Thole [pdf]
The Rings of Mars Brian Wilcox / Connor Lamon [pdf]
3D Immersive Environment for Dendritic Spine Labeling in Confocal Microscopic Images Xuerong Xiao / Li Tao [pdf]
N/A Zixi Xu [pdf]
The Maze VR Yundong Zhang / Emma An [pdf]
N/A Yun Zhang / Qiwen Fu [pdf]

Course Projects: Spring 2017

Unlike Sprint 2016, only students enrolled with 4 units were required to submit project reports. The table below lists 41 course projects in Spring 2017 offering.
Project TitleAuthorsProposalReports
Clipping-Based Virtual Environment Andrew Lee [pdf] [pdf]
VR Space Shooter Game with Leap Motion Xuandong Lei / Chen Zhu [pdf]
Affordable Cinematic VR Content Creation Neel Bedekar / Aniq Masood [pdf] [pdf]
Interactive spacecraft flight simulation game using Unity3D Haihong Li / Tong Yang [pdf]
Immersive inner-tissue visualization based on Optical Coherence Tomography scans Orly Liba [pdf]
Localized Space Display: Combining Gestural Control and Spatial 3D Interactions in
a Conventional Computer Monitor
Vincent Chen
Jason Ginsberg
[pdf] [pdf]
PhD Archer: The VR game and UX Analysis Te-Lin Wu / Po-Nan Li [pdf] [pdf]
Physical Manipulation of Virtual Holograms Using Proxies Michael Lin [pdf] [pdf]
Tracking Hand Movements using a Handheld VRduino Benjamin Wiberg / Jacob Suchoski [pdf]
Surveying Options for Taking the VRduino Wireless Meera Radhakrishnan [pdf] [pdf]
Unity Shooting Range with Haptic Feedback Tanuj Thapliyal / Travis Allen [pdf]
Kalman filter for orientation tracking TJ Melanson [pdf]
First-person Tower Defense Game for Mobile VR on Google Cardboard Chi Zhang / Qian Yu [pdf]
Crowd-sourced Data Collection Pipeline for Human Attention Tracking in Virtual Environment Zhiyang He [pdf] [pdf]
VR Music Instrument and Visualizer Charles Hale / Akshay Rajagopal [pdf]
Monocular AR display Sam Girvin / Oliver Jin / Anna Zeng [pdf] [pdf]
Rendering with Positional Tracking Heather Shen / Jason Liu [pdf] [pdf]
Real Time Pose Estimation of the Hand for TMS Neuronavigation Grant Yang
Gesture Classification with IMU Data Alex Fu / Yangyang Yu [pdf]
Survival Game Sheng-Hsiang Huang / Daniel Hsu [pdf]
Duck hunt Yaya Khoja / Megan Fazio [pdf]
VR Conductor Teun de Planque / Cedric Yue [pdf] [pdf]
VR Brickbreaker Dae Hyun Kim / Marcus Pan [pdf]
VR Pac-Man Jingtao Xu / Yingran Xu [pdf]
VR stealth action video game in Unity Peter Do / Brennan Shacklett [pdf] [pdf]
First-person sound-based VR game Brad Huang / Vivian Yang [pdf] [pdf]
Mitigating Motion Sickness in FPV Drones Eli Wu [pdf] [pdf]
Piano practice through Mixed Reality Yijun Zhou / Yinghao Xu [pdf]
Performance analysis of Wolverine Inrak Choi [pdf]
The Matrix Kushaagra Goyal / Sanyam Mehra [pdf]
Fruit Ninja VR: An Interactive Game in Unity Sagar Honnungar / Varsha Sankar [pdf]
Extension of HW6 Positional Tracking Theo Diamandis / Georgia Murray [pdf] [pdf]
Eye-Movement Based Active Calibration for Head Mounted Display with Eye Tracking Nicole Grimwood / Sophia Williams [pdf]
Virtual Apartment Tour Chonnuttida Koracharkornradt [pdf]
AR headset Yang Li / Huizi Mao [pdf]
Virtual Occlusions in Video See-Through Immersive Augmented Reality Rahul Prabala / Alex Bertrand [pdf]
9 DoF IMU Sensor Fusion Kaicheng Wang [pdf]
Virtual Racing Peng Yuan / Zhi Bie [pdf]
Lighthouse Calibration Anthony Van [pdf]
How good are you seeing with your ears? Rehman Ali / Shai Messingher [pdf]
Twist Your Fingers - A Hand Shadow Game Yixin Wang / Chenyue Meng [pdf] [pdf]

Course Project: Spring 2016

The table below lists 20 course projects in Spring 2016 offering.
Project TitleAuthorsProposalsReportsPosters
Gaze Attention Guidance Eli Ben-Joseph / Eric Greenstein [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Haptic Rendering Cheng Chen / Jihee Hwang [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Hand Tracking in VR Royce Cheng-Yue / Hershed Tilak [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Advanced IMU Sensor Fusion Andre Corman / Darren Mei [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Hand Tracking in VR Adam Craig / Sreenath Krishnan [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
IMU-based light saber Fahim Dalvi / Tariq Patanam [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Magnetometer-based UI Charles Han / Ke Xu [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Hand Tracking in VR Lin Shao [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
IMU Mobile Positional Tracking Aashna Mago / Hassan Karaouni [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Tutting Dance with IMU Amr Mohamed / Lucas Lin [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Positional Tracking with SLAM Mariana Neubauer / Shannon Kao [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
MobileEyes Jackie Becker / Thu Ngo [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
AudiScape Nitish Padmanaban / Keenan Molner [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
MYO THE FORCE BE WITH YOU David Pan / Karen Yang [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Recognizing Head Gestures for Head-mounted Displays Timon Ruban / Jeremy Wood [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Joint Depth of Field and Disparity Manipulation Raj Shah / Skanda Shridhar [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Advanced Anaglyph Stereo Rendering Hayato Ikoma / Alexa Siu [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Upper Limb Position Tracking based on Kinematic Model and IMU Measurement Kaiyuan Zhu / Liang Shi [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Virtualized Reality Using Depth Camera Point Clouds Abhilash Sunder Raj / Jordan Cazamias [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Dynamic Blanking for Virtual Reality Image Displacement Anthony Pelot [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]