To submit your solution to an assignment you must do the following: Log onto a corn machine, put your source code into a directory on the Stanford AFS space. Go into the directory that contains your source code, then run the submit script.

You can submit multiple times and we will grade your latest submission. Feel free to submit a lot. If you have problems submitting, please contact the TAs immediately. You will not get extensions because you waited until after the deadline to contact the TAs.

1. Get a terminal

Macs come with Terminal pre installed. You can skip this step.

If you have a PC you can download any one of the dozens of free terminal programs. We recommend SecureCrt.

2. Copy your homework onto corn

If you have an FTP Client (for mac we recomend Fetch, for PC we recomend SecureFx), you can copy your files over using a graphical user interface (log in through Copy your solution to any folder in your Stanford AFS space.

Connecting to corn through Fetch


Connecting to corn through SecureFx

3. SSH into a corn machine

To log in open up a terminal and type:

ssh <your sunet id>

You should be prompted to enter your password, and then have a secure shell connection to the stanford corn machines.

You can remotely log in from anywhere. You can even ssh into corn from the cold reaches of central antartica, provided you have an internet connection and a valid sunetId.

4. Execute the submit script

Once logged into a corn machine, navigate to the directory where you saved your solution and type:


The programming assignments are submitted as a whole, however you will be asked to submit your problem set questions one at a time. The submit script will have you answer a few questions (like whether or not you collaborated with other students).

Additionally, this quarter we have modified the submit script to ask you for feedback on the assignment (in the case of problem-sets the individual problems). You will be asked how long the assignment took (in hours) and how enjoyable the problem was. Your responses will have no impact on your class grade. Each time you submit a problem your previous feedback for the homework will be overwritten.

Thats all!