In this course we will be using the relatively new language Julia.

Keep in mind that you are not expected to have a strong background in programming (with Julia or otherwise). The programs you will write will use only a tiny subset of Julia's (many and powerful) features. If you look at the Julia documentation, please don't panic because you don't know what a low level virtual machine is, or what multiple dispatch is. You're not going to need to know any of this.

Julia resources and slides

Getting Started. This quarter, we will use Julia entirely within the Ed environment. For most assignments, we'll provide templates under the “Lessons” tab in Ed. We'll also demo how to create your own Julia notebook during section.

Resources. Below we have slides, notes, and code covering Julia topics for this course. To run .ipynb files, first download the code by right-clicking “code” and clicking “Save link as…”. Then, upload the file to JuliaBox with the “upload” button under the “Jupyter” tab.