ENGR108: Introduction to Matrix Methods

John Duchi and Babak Ayazifar, Stanford University, Fall 2023


There will be two midterm exams in the course. The midterm and final exams will have questions on them somewhat similar to the homework and additional exercises we have developed, and so doing the homework will serve as excellent practice for the exams. We will list practice exams that consist of lists of problems from the book.


The midterms will be in class on dates that we have yet to determine. The first will be approximately 2/5 of the way through class, and the second approximately 4/5 of the way through class. Each counts for 15% of your grade. They will be closed-book, except that you may bring in one (1) double-sided piece of paper with notes on it.

  • Last year's midterm: Exam

  • Midterm 1 will be on Tuesday, October 24, in class. We will cover material through chapter 4 (clustering) in the book.


The final will be a small project requiring you to write a single question or exercise for the class. It will count for 10% of your grade. Directions for the final are available here. The due date is December 15, 12:15 p.m. (Pacific time).