2016 Projects and Midterm reports

Group projects from Spring 2016.

  1. A. Elkrief, M. Genin, N. Meiller, T. Ayoul - Predator and Prey (midterm|final report)

  2. J. Wong, Y. Sourotzidis, M. Lai, E. Mei, A. Sagwal - Fundametal Signals (midterm|final report)

  3. B. Jennings, B. Etringer, B. Aguilera, A. Inamdar, Y. Chen - Statistical Arbitrage (midterm|final report)

  4. A. Feis, C. Van Der Graaf, J. Solitario, S. Morris, V. Mehta - Peer Lending (midterm|final report)

  5. A. Vasilyev, M. Wang, Charles Lu, B. Beckhardt, D. Frankl - High Frequency (midterm|final report)