You will be assigned a section leader and section time during the first week of the quarter. This section leader will teach your section as well as grade your assignments and meet with you to go over your assignments. You will find the handouts for each week below. Note, you are not expected to do these problems before section. You'll work through these problems during section with your section leader.

Starting Thursday 5pm of Week 1, sign up for section preferences by logging into: (signups close Sunday 5pm)

If you missed the deadline mentioned above to sign up for section, sign-ups will re-open Tuesday around 5pm for any late adds. However, you will only be able to join sections that have space. This is available at site link above.

Week # Handout Solutions
1 No section this week. No section this week.
2 Handout Solution
3 Handout Solution
4 Handout Solution
5 Handout Solution
6 Handout Solution
7 Handout Solution
8 Handout Solution
9 Handout,
Starter Code Handout,
Starter Code Zip
10 Handout (n/a)