Our sections are 50-minute discussions led by section leaders each week in which the SL and students work together to solve problems. The complete list of section leaders, their contact information, and the time/place/room of each section can be found on the Staff page of this web site, though you should have already received an email containing that information for your section.

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Pre-section problems: Each week you will complete short problem(s) from the book to turn in at your section. Completing these problems each week becomes part of your "participation" score which is part of your grade. Another part of your "participation" score is awarded for being present in your section and participating in the discussion. You will not be graded on whether you have a perfect solution, but on whether you have demonstrated effort. Therefore please show some work that demonstrates how you got the answer rather than just writing the answer by itself. We will be somewhat lenient about exactly how the work is shown.

If you want credit for doing the problems, you must bring the solutions on paper, not email them digitally to your SL. Also, you must bring them yourself, not have a friend bring them for you. Pre-section problem solutions are not accepted late.

Our intention is that these problems would take no more than 15-20 minutes each week. If you find yourself taking significantly more than this, you may stop your work and write that you worked for 20 minutes. If you have made significant progress, we will still give you credit for your work even if you did not finish the problem(s).

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