Are you looking for the Autumn 2015 web site? This is the Summer page; it is out of date. Please visit the CS 106B Autumn 2015 web site for the current quarter.

Instructor: Reid Watson - see Staff/SLs page for contact info and office hours


  • [] Pre-section problems for this week's Section 3 have now been posted in the Sections page.
  • [] Pre-section problems for this week's Section 2 have now been posted in the Sections page.
  • [] TA Office Hours Our Head TA Dev will be hosting his Office Hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 - 2:30 in the Lathrop Library Tech Lounge (in the basement) starting this week. Stop by if you have questions!
  • [] Extra office hours Reid will be holding extra office hours today (Saturday) from 3-5PM at CoHo. Feel free to drop by if you have any questions about Qt Creator, the Game of Life, or C++ in general.
  • [] Homework 1 (Game of Life) has now been posted to the Homework page.
  • [] Welcome to CS 106B! Lectures take place in Nvidia Auditorium at 11:00AM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You'll also be required a mandatory discussion section starting week two. Feel free to explore last quarter's CS106B site, since the course will be structured very similarly.
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