Exercises for GENE210 in Spring 2015


Note: Publicly available genotype files can be found here for GENOtation exercises

"How-to" Guides

How-to: Odds Ratio and Likelihood Ratio

How-to: Odds Ratio* and Variance Explained

In-class GWAS - Workshop 2015

GWAS Walkthrough

Class GWAS Allelic Data for all traits



bitter taste

asparagus smell

lactose intolerant

Class GWAS data: allelic p-values, genotype p-values, OR, IR and RR.



In-class exercises

Genetic vs actual
Parents vs actual

Scatterplots comparing height prediction to actual height from 2012-2014. Genetic prediction is based on a genetic risk score using 145 SNPs. Parental prediction is based on the average from your two parents.
Intelligence Histogram showing percent of intelligence alleles from 42 students 2013/2014











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