Sylvia Kreibig, Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interests

My major research interests are on the elicitation, differentiation, and response patterning of emotion. With this, I address the following interlinked questions:

  1. What are the cognitive-motivational processes that underlie the elicitation and differentiation of emotion and that drive the response patterning in the autonomic and somatic nervous system?
  2. What are the specific effects of different emotional processes assumed to influence bodily reactions for preparation of adaptive behavior and to produce expressive signals for social communication?

I conceptualize emotion as a multi-component process with effects on cognition, subjective feeling, physiology, motor expression, and action tendencies. To assess emotional processes, I use both self-report measures of emotional feelings as well as psychophysiological variables in my research. More details are available on my research page.

Selected Publications