Current software

  • CVX, for convex optimization

  • CVXGEN, a code generator for convex optimization

  • cvxpy, a convex optimization modeling layer for Python

  • fast_mpc, for fast model predictive control

  • l1_logreg, for large-scale l1-regularized logistic regression

  • l1_ls, for large-scale l1-regularized least-squares

Old software

  • GGPLAB, for geometric programming

  • l1_tf, for l1 trend filtering

  • lsgs, for large-scale gate sizing

  • MAXDET, software for determinant maximization problems

  • SDPSOL, parser/solver for semidefinite and maxdet programming problems with matrix structure

  • SP, software for semidefinite programming

  • SOCP, software for optimization over second-order cones

  • QDES, linear control system design specification compiler and solver