Principal Investigator
Sindy K.Y. Tang, Ph.D.
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University


We are a group of experimentalists dedicated to solving problems at the interface of engineering, soft matter, and biology! The tool we use is microfluidics. Applications of our work include biochemical sensing and diagnostics, water and energy sustainability.

Open Positions. We are seeking highly motivated postdocs and students in broad areas of engineering, applied physics, biophysics, and analytical chemistry. Please email Prof. Sindy Tang your full CV indicating your background, research interests, and publications.

We acknowledge support from the following sponsors:


Sindy received the prestigious NSF CAREER award!

Congrats to Minkyu, Ming and Ya for achieving an impressive droplet counting rate of 0.25 million drops/second, and for getting their results published in Lab on a Chip!

Aloha! Sindy is giving an invited talk at the IEEE EMBS Micro and Nano in Medicine Conference in Oahu, HI!

Liat, Minkyu and Tiras are giving talks at APS DFD 2014!

Our work on time capsule got highlighted by Stanford News and!

Sindy is invited to be a fellow at the Stanford ChEM-H.

Ming's paper on Pickering emulsions for mitigating inter-drop leakage just got accepted at ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!

Ming, Liat and Minkyu are presenting 2 orals and 2 posters at MicroTAS 2014 at San Antonio TX!

Our time capsule paper selected as Lab on a Chip 2014 HOT Articles and Lab on a Chip Top 10%! Also see highlight in Chemistry World!

TangLab selfie summer 2014!

Sohrab, Maggie and Maya presented their work today at SURI symposium!

Dancing to xbox one afterwards..

Our lab got awarded a grant from the Woods Institute for the Environment to quantify Ascaris for sustainable agriculture and in the fight against parasitic intestinal diseases in collaboration with Prof. Craig Criddle (Stanford Environmental), Steve Luby (Stanford med) and Scott Smith (Stanford med)! See the news release here!

Our lab got awarded a seed grant in collaboration with Prof. Guillem Pratx (Stanford Radiation Oncology) from the Stanford Chemistry, Engineering & Medicine for Human Health!

Our paper on the break-up of drops in a concentrated emulsion is featured on the front cover of Soft Matter!

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