About Me

I am Rundong Jiang, a learning experience designer, storyteller and humanist. Using interdisciplinary tools and strategies informed by learning science, UX research, game design and curriculum design, I create experiences to elicit the common humanness in all of us because I believe people are people are people.

I am a master's student in the Learning, Design and Technology program at Stanford Graduate School of Education. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and a minor in German Studies in winter 2017.

I started out as a research assistant in Professor Elizabeth Holm's research group doing molecular dynamics simulations, where I realized the instructional potential of simulations and visualizations. Professor Amy Ogan's class The Role of Technology in Learning in the 21st Century served as my introduction to learning sciences and educational technology. Afterwards, I worked briefly with Professor Michael Bockstaller and brought back from hiatus a project using a force feedback joystick to emulate polymer deformation for classroom instruction, before joining Stanford GSE as a master's student in LDT and shifting my focus entirely to educational technology and learning experience design.

When I am not iterating prototypes, I sing, grocery shop and metacognize.