Melanie Morten

Associate Professor, Economics Department, Stanford University


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NBER Working Paper 25267

Media coverage: The Economist; The Washington Post; CNN; NPR's The Indicator (podcast); VoxEU; Quartz; Bloomberg; Politico ; SIEPR;  Development Impact

Revision requested: the Review of Economic Studies

Working Papers

Mare, D., Morten, M., Sanderson, L. (2024). Firm and Labor Market Effects of a Migrant Shortage.

Balboni, C., Bryan, G., Morten, M., & Siddiqi, B. (2020). Transportation, Gentrification, and Urban Mobility: The Inequality Effects of Place-Based Policies.

Chandrasekhar, A., Morten, M., & Peter, A. (2020). Network-Based Hiring: Local Benefits; Global Costs.

NBER Working Paper 26806

Fieldwork Underway

Stanford Guestworker Migration Initiative Co-PI: Beatriz Magaloni.

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