Pi Rap

In honour of Pi Day, I rap to the first 70 decimal places of Pi.

Calculator art

Up until sophomore year of college, I had a hobby of graphing designs on a TI-83 using parametric equations. One time someone dared me to do an emperor penguin with a baby at its feet. A YouTube video of the result is linked above.

N x N x N Sudokube Simulation

The summer before I came to MIT, I decided to simulate a NxNxN Sudokube (a cross between a Rubik's Cube and a Sudoku puzzle). I had never taken a formal programming course, so while the code is in python (and uses the VPython library), it uses none of Python's object oriented features and probably contains many bugs. But hey, if someone thinks they might actually use this somewhere, reach out to me and we can talk (but I'd probably have to rewrite the code from scratch, for my own dignity).