What's an "Early Bird" deadline?

This quarter we want to reward students for submitting assignments early. Therefore, if an "early bird" deadline is specified for a given assignment, submitting your completed homework by that deadline will cause you to earn one "worm" as credit. A "worm" is a small amount of extra credit, such that 2-3 worms is roughly equal to one "bucket" grade improvement in your score on an individual homework assignment (such as from V to V+). This is a minor incentive, but we hope it will cause students to start working on their assignments earlier and spread out the busy dates at the LaIR.

"I need help with my homework!"

  • There is probably someone in the LaIR, or maybe the instructor has office hours soon. If so, go see them.
  • Check the message forum; your question may have been answered there.
  • Read the relevant chapters and sections of the textbook
  • Look at the in-class lecture examples.
  • Look at this week's section handout problems and their solutions.
  • Start early! We get swamped the day assignments are due.
  • Don't panic. Every student has late days that can be used to submit an assignment after the due date.
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