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DP logo David Lin (Mathematics)
Lester Mackey (Computer Science)
David Weiss (Computer Science)

The Netflix Prize was a $1 million competition to most accurately predict the ratings that people give to the movies they watch. The three of us began working on the Prize in 2006 as undergraduates at Princeton University. In the years since, we helped form the collaborative teams When Gravity and Dinosaurs Unite, Grand Prize Team, and The Ensemble. The contest came to a thrilling conclusion in July of 2009 with The Ensemble placing first on the Quiz Set and second on the Test Set. You can view the results of the competition on the Netflix Prize Leaderboard.

Contact us at <teamdinosaurplanet At gmail DoT com>.

Final Quiz Set Leaderboard

Netflix Quiz Set Leaderboard

Final Test Set Leaderboard

Netflix Test Set Leaderboard

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