Kailas V.
Hi! I'm Kailas, an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. student at Stanford University where I am very lucky to be advised by Professor James Zou. I am supported by the Stanford Graduate Fellowship and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

My research interests are fairly broad. Right now, I am working on developing algorithms (including machine learning-based) for use in solving healthcare-related problems with an end-goal of deploying our solutions for clinical use. There are 2 main challenges in these problems that I am actively working on: (1) the data involved is multimodal, has high noise, is limited in dataset size, and is often incomplete; (2) to deploy our solution, we must develop an interface between our algorithm and the user (either a patient or clinician). Clinicians must be able to trust our algorithm, and how best to develop this trust is still an open-problem in HCI / machine learning.

Previously, I did my undergrad in EECS at UC Berkeley. While at Berkeley, I was very fortunate to work with Professor Jitendra Malik, Professor Anant Sahai, and Professor Jonathan Ragan-Kelley on problems in computer vision, machine learning for communication and control systems, machine learning theory, and large-scale cloud computing systems for linear algebra.

Some of my hobbies: I play the bassoon and piano. Back in high school, I also used to compete on a rowing team.