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comparison of knowledge and information-seeking behavior after general covid-19 public health messages and messages tailored for black and latinx communities: a randomized controlled trial (with marcella alsan, fatima cody stanford, abhijit banerjee, emily breza, sarah eichmeyer, paul goldsmith-pinkham, lucy ogbu-nwobodo, benjamin olken, carlos torres, anirudh sankar, pierre-luc vautrey, and esther duflo). annals of internal medicine:

using gossips to spread information: theory and evidence from two randomized controlled trials (with abhijit banerjee, esther duflo, and matthew o. jackson). the review of economic studies (february, 2019): doi:10.1093/restud/rdz008 [data and programs]

working papers


interacting regional policies in containing a disease (with paul goldsmith-pinkham, matthew o. jackson, and samuel thau) [revised and resubmitted to the proceedings of the national academy of sciences ]

in progress...

messages on covid-19 prevention in india increased symptoms reporting and adherence to preventative behaviors among 25 million recipients with similar effects on non-recipient members of their communities (with abhijit banerjee, marcella alsan, emily breza, abhijit chowdhury, esther duflo, paul goldsmith-pinkham, and benjamin olken, june, 2020)

designing effective celebrity public health messaging: results from a nationwide twitter experiment in indonesia (with vivi alatas, markus mobius, benjamin olken, and cindy paladines, june 2020)

some work in progress

selecting the most effective nudge: evidence from a large scale experiment on immunization (with abhijit banerjee, esther duflo, matthew o. jackson, john floretta, harini kannan, francine loza, anirudh sankar, and anna schrimpf)

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