EE364b: Projects

Professor Stephen Boyd, Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2013–14

The project requirement deadlines are given below. Please read the project guidelines carefully to understand how the peer reviews work. To do a project, you must submit and pass both the initial proposal and the midterm progress report. You may at any point decide to drop the project and take the final or go Cr/NCr. Do not be shy to utilize the TAs; as soon as you have a project idea, talk to a TA for at least 5 minutes.

The TAs have compiled a list of project ideas here.

Project proposals, reports, and posters must use mbox{LaTeX}, with a style that follows our template.

The final projects from 2014 can be found here, and the final projects from 2011 can be found here.


  • Initial proposal (2 pages maximum) here.

    • Initial proposal, due Friday 4/25/14, 5pm.

  • Midterm progress report (4 pages maximum) here.

    • Midterm progress report, due Friday 5/16/14, 5pm.

  • Final poster presentation

    • Friday 5/30/14, 5–7pm, Packard Atrium.

  • Final report (6 pages maximum)

    • due Wednesday 6/4/14, 5pm.