CME 192: Introduction to MATLAB

Robert Dyro, Stanford University, Winter Quarter 2018-2019


Robert Dyro (


(2019/02/07) No more lectures. Regular office hours through Week 6. Office hours by appointment through end of quarter.

(2019/01/31) Assignment 2 is now posted.

(2019/01/31) Assignment 2 moved to February 10th.

(2019/01/27) Check out the expanded FAQ.

(2019/01/24) Due date for Assignment 2 is now February 8th.

(2019/01/24) Due date for Assignment 1 will stay, February 3rd.

(2019/01/22) Due date for Assignment 1 was moved two days forward to Sunday, February 3rd.

(2019/01/21) Assignment 1 was slightly updated (with hints). New PDF of the assignment is available, updates written in blue.

(2019/01/21) Notebooks are now posted with complementary examples for past lectures.

(2019/01/16) New lecture slides for lecture 2.

(2019/01/16) Assignment 1 is now posted.

Course Descriptions

This short course runs for the first four weeks/eight lectures of the quarter and is offered each quarter during the academic year. It is highly recommended for students with no prior programming experience who are expected to use MATLAB in math, science, or engineering courses. It will consist of interactive lectures and application-based assignments. The goal of the short course is to make students fluent in MATLAB and to provide familiarity with its wide array of features. The course covers an introduction of basic programming concepts, data structures, and control/flow; and an introduction to scientific computing in MATLAB, scripts, functions, visualization, simulation, efficient algorithm implementation, toolboxes, and more.


01/07/2019 - 03/15/2019

  • Tue, Thu 9:00 AM - 10:20 AM at 380-380Y


  • no exams, see Assignments


  • There will be two graded assignments.

    • One midway through the 4 weeks (end of week 3)

    • One at the end of the 4 weeks (end of week 5)

  • Grading is completion based.

    • Both assignments must be completed.


  • no textbooks