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Wireless Control. I spent two years studying and designing protocols for low-latency, high-reliability control with Gireeja Ranade, Prof. Anant Sahai, and other awesome people in BLISS and BWRC.

Decision Making. I researched the effects of overconfidence in human judgement and decision making with Jenn Logg in Prof. Don Moore's Accuracy Lab for two years.

Neuroscience. As part of Stanford's first year rotation program, I worked with Samir Menon in the Stanford Robotics Lab studying haptic fMRI. I also spent half a year in the Neural Prothetic Systems Lab exploring how neural activity in the premotor and primary motor cortex can be translated to arm movements.

Robotics. I worked on robot grasping for six months in the Goldberg Lab with Jeff Mahler.


I was a summer intern on the Anti-Spam team at Twitter, where I productionized machine learning pipelines to detect URL spam, fake accounts, and fake follows.

I also interned on the Advertising Technology, Analytics Data Platform team at A9, where I explored database options to enable faster, cheaper access to ad exchange data, facilitating quicker analysis.

Prior to that, I spent a summer at Nokia HR Global Central streamlining exit procedures, and some time at Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology assembling and categorizing small animal skeletons.


I was an Undergraduate Student Instructor for EE 126, Probability and Stochastic Processes. Risha Sharma, Paul Rigge, and I created the first iterations of application-oriented iPython labs to complement the theoretical coursework (you can find the original versions on the 2014 home page).

As a course assistant for CS 70, Discrete Math and Probability Theory, I helped with office hours, homework parties, midterm creation and grading. I was also a course reader for Econ C175, Economic Demography.

I am an English teacher for SkimaTalk (though recently, not as active).