Mohammad Rasouli

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Associate Consultant (2020-Now)
McKinsey and Company

Post Doctoral Scholar (2018-20)
Management Science and Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stanford University

Email: rasoulim (at) - Google scholar

About Me

I am an Associate Consultant at McKinsey and Company, and former Post Doctoral Scholar at Stanford (2018-2020) where I've worked with Paulo Somaini, Michael Jordan, Peter Glynn, Ram Rajagopal, and Ramesh Johari. I have also collaborated with Gabriel Weintraub in teaching Empirics of Online Markets. I obtained my PhD in Electrical Engineering: Systems with MA in Economics at the University of Michigan in 2018, thrilled to be advised by Demosthenis Teneketzis and a thesis committee including Paul Milgrom, William Hogan, and Asuman Ozdaglar. I received BSc in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology working with Jamal Golestani.

I ran the Stanford SmartGrid Seminar. I also enjoy teaching; see my experimental paper on flipped classroom method based on teaching to ~650 students.

Research Interest

My academic research and industry experience are on operation of technology innovations for addressing society-scale challenges of cyber-physical systems at the intersection of human incentives, system physics, and algorithms, such as reversing global warming, and improving social equality. To achieve integrative solutions considering all three elements of cyber-physical systems, I develop tools and models at the intersection of operations research, economics, and system engineering. These tools and models are based on theory of stochastic control and market design with empirical methods of machine learning and industrial organization (IO). I also work closely with relevant businesses for my research.

So far, I have focused on two areas. The first area is integrating renewable energies and batteries in the electricity grid for reversing global warming (working with RTE France, PG&E, ChargePoint, and NSF FORCES). The second area is democratizing data and information through information design for online platforms (working with Maktabkhooneh online education), and through data sharing markets and federated learning that unlock value of distributed data.

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