My papers can be found on the arXiv.

Preprints and publications

  1. The Arakelov-Zhang pairing and Julia sets (with A. Bridy).
  2. To appear in Proceedings of the AMS.
  3. Inverse problems for minimal complements and maximal supplements (with N. Alon and N. Kravitz). J. Number Theory (2021). 18pp.
  4. Unions of Random Trees and Applications (with A. James, D. Montealegre, and A. Salmon). Disc. Math. 344 (2021). 13pp.
  5. Power maps in finite groups. Integers 19 (2019). #A58, 15pp.


I've written some (commented) code in Sage to compute the Arkelov-Zhang pairing between two rational functions defined over the rationals. It can be found here.