About me

I am a fourth year mathematics grad student at Stanford University. I graduated from Yale University in 2019.

My advisors are June Huh and Ravi Vakil.

I'm mostly interested in combinatorial algebraic geometry. Some slides and a recording of a talk are available on my research page.

I am supported by an NDSEG fellowship.

I am the organizer of the Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar (SAGS) at Stanford. The topic for this quarter is intersection theory.

You can reach me at my office 380-H in the basement of Sloan ("Math Corner"), or by emailing me at mwlarson AT stanford DOT edu.

My CV.

Upcoming travel and talks

SFSU algebra, geometry, and combinatorics seminar San Francisco, CA May 10
Workshop on Lefschetz properties Toronto, CA May 15-19
KIAS Seoul, KR July 2-13
FPSAC conference Davis, CA July 17-21