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I am a third-year PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, advised by Dorsa Sadigh. I am interested in how agents can learn from and influence each other by interacting with and adapting to each other. My interests lie in the intersection of multiagent learning, human-robot interaction, and cognitive science.

Previously, I have also had the privilege of working with Noah Goodman(Stanford), Anca Dragan(UC Berkeley), Stefanos Nikolaidis(USC), Siddhartha Srinivasa(UW), and Ross Knepper(Cornell). I have been fortunate enough to be supported by the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship and the Stanford School of Engineering Fellowship.

When Humans Aren't Optimal: Robots that Collaborate with Risk-Aware Humans
Minae Kwon, Erdem Biyik, Aditi Talati, Karan Bhasin, Dylan P Losey, Dorsa Sadigh
HRI, 2020
Honorable Mention.
blog /  talk
Continual Adaptation for Efficient Machine Communication
Robert D. Hawkins, Minae Kwon, Dorsa Sadigh, Noah D. Goodman
Proceedings of the 24rd Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL), 2020
ICML Adaptive and Multitask Learning Workshop , 2019, Best Paper Award.
workshop talk
Influencing Leading and Following in Human-Robot Teams
Minae Kwon*, Mengxi Li*, Alexandre Bucquet, Dorsa Sadigh
RSS, 2019
blog /  talk
Expressing Robot Incapability
Minae Kwon, Sandy H Huang, Anca D Dragan
HRI, 2018
Best Paper Nomination.
Planning with Verbal Communication for Human-Robot Collaboration
Stefanos Nikolaidis, Minae Kwon, Jodi Forlizzi, Siddhartha Srinivasa
Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction (THRI), 2018
Human Expectations of Social Robots
Minae Kwon, Malte F Jung, Ross A Knepper
HRI, 2016