Matin Mirramezani

Prospective B.A. Candidate | Economics

I’m a student at Stanford University pursuing a degree in Economics. My areas of interest include economic policy, foreign relations, and social issues. I'm interested in doing research and policy work and I'm always looking for new ways to approach research and improve policymaking, especially through applications of computer science. I enjoy working on projects with impact that involve research, gathering and analyzing data, as well as investigative work.

Current Work

Polling Developer

College Reaction

At College Reaction, I have developed a polling mechanism for surveying college students nationwide for research and commerce. I have outlined the methodology for polling and oversaw the development of the web infrastructure. College Reaction is a news and data source gathering college opinions at over 80 colleges nationwide.

February 2018 - Present


Iran 2040 Project

I am collaborating with Stanford's Iran 2040 Project on research related to trends in Iran's economy and the prospect for its future. I have collected, verified, and compiled data on Iran’s economic and social status from various sources, available here.

December 2017 - Present


Research Assistant

Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research

I worked as a research assistant to Professor Marcella Alsan on Oakland Men's Health Disparities Project at the Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research. The resulting paper is available here.

December 2017 - March 2018

Contributing Writer

Aseman-e-shab Magazine, Fazaanavard Magazine, and Elmna Press

While in high school, I wrote more than twenty pieces for various science publications covering space and astronomy as a contributing writer. Among them were five pieces published in renowned magazines: Aseman-e Shab and Fazaanavard Monthly.

2013 - 2015

Interests and Skills

Programming Languages & Tools
  • Data Analysis
  • Economic Policy
  • Research Design
  • Policy Research
  • Investigative Journalism