Jean Coquet

Office X251
Biomedical Informatics Research
1265 Welch Road
Stanford, California 94305

+1 (650) 723-1831

Jean Coquet

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in computer science

Department of Medicine, Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR)

Boussard Lab

My research area have focused on making sense of unconventional and complex wide data biological sets, such as signaling pathways, gene interactions, or more recently, Electronical Health Records (EHRs). In Boussard Lab, my research is to establish different novel strategies for assessing the quality of healthcare delivery, involving advanced machine learning methods and Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods.

I received my PhD from University of Rennes 1, where I was working in the Dyliss team (DYnamics, Logics and Inference for biological Systems and Sequences), at the INRIA institute (Rennes, France). During my PhD, my research was oriented towards the analysis of TGF-Beta protein effects particularly in tumoral tissues. That has led to a global and systematic analysis of high-dimensional signaling model. The challenge was to find biological relevance in heterogeneous and strongly connected data. To solve this problem, I established different data mining methods: clustering methods (Shared Nearest Neighbor), Formal Concepts Analysis, topological graph analysis and Semantic Web methods (with Gene Ontology).


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