• Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Philosophical Logic
  • Associate Editor, Open Mind
  • Publications

    Some representative publications include:

  • Resource Rationality, book draft.
  • Why be Random?, Mind.
  • Probing the Quantitative-Qualitative Divide in Probabilistic Reasoning, with D. Ibeling, K. Mierzewski, and M. Mossé, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.
  • A Topological Perspective on Causal Inference, with D. Ibeling, Proc. NeurIPS.
  • Causal Abstractions of Neural Networks, with A. Geiger, H. Lu, and C. Potts, Proc. NeurIPS.
  • Inference from Explanation, with L. Kirfel and T. Gerstenberg, in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Normality and Actual Causal Strength, with J. Kominsky and J. Knobe, in Cognition.
  • Calibrating Generative Models: The Probabilistic Chomsky-Schützenberger Hierarchy, in Journal of Mathematical Psychology.
  • Axiomatization in the Meaning Sciences, with W. Holliday, in The Science of Meaning.
  • A Simple Logic of Concepts, with L. Moss, in Journal of Philosophical Logic.
  • Interleaving Logic and Counting, with J. van Benthem, Bulletin of Symbolic Logic.

  • See here for more links and a longer list of papers.


    I will be teaching in Autumn and Winter quarters, but will be visiting Caltech in Spring quarter.


    I can be reached at surname♠stanford.edu by replacing surname with my surname and ♠ with @.