Terrell Ibanez

Terrell Ibanez

Human-Computer Interaction / Artificial Intelligence

Stanford University / University of Central Florida



Selected Experience / Education / Research / Projects / Awards

Stanford University

Human-Computer Interaction Group

Research Assistant

January 2021 - Present

Data Visualization / Natural Language Processing research for automated time-series annotation. Advised by Dr. Maneesh Agrawala.


Stanford University

Human-Computer Interaction

Graduate Certificate, Non-Degree Option

September 2020 - Present

Graduate coursework in Data Visualization (CS2448), Artificial Intelligence (CS221), and Social Computing (CS278).



Funded - NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium

Development Team Lead / Research Developer

September 2020 - Present

Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students

University of Central Florida / NASA Johnson Space Center

Augmented reality interface for astronauts for lunar surface operations: navigation / EVA / geology sampling on the Hololens 2. Prototype for the future 2024 Artemis moon missions.


UCF KnightSec Team

Top 8% of 1,278 Teams

Security Analyst

May 2020, Hack-a-Sat: Space Security Challenge Quals

Department of Defense / United States Air Force

Solved aerospace / satellite problems: orbital tracking reconnaissance imaging, and telemetry using Python and GraphQL.



1st Place Award /
Accepted - CJBS Accelerate Cambridge

Chief Technology Officer

May 2020 - January 2021, CamVsCOVID

University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

Co-founded a social enterprise startup to help small-businesses with cash flow during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. Partnered with multiple local councils and several local businesses.


University of Central Florida

Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholarship /

UCF Provost Scholarship

Bachelor's of Science, Computer Science

Minor, Information Technology

August 2013 - May 2020

Coursework in Human-Technology Interaction, Malware Analysis, Databases, Computer Logic / Architecture, Project Management, Accounting, Technical Writing, Calculus, Physics, and Statistics



Funded - Twilio Impact Access


March - May 2020, Hack Against COVID-19

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

Phone line with automated pairing to reduce social isolation while physical distancing during the COVID lockdowns.


Mission Control

Best Solo Hack Award

Solo Developer

April 2020, CatHacks

University of Kentucky

User interface / tool to generate infrastructure as code and deploy cloud backends for rapid software prototyping.


Hand Hygiene Reinforcement

3rd Place Award / Wolfram Alpha Top 15 Award

Solo Developer

March 2020, RUHacks

Ryerson University

Prototype hand washing encouragement system for theme parks using NFC and reverse engineered Disney Magic Bands.



Best Use of Machine Learning Award

Team Lead / Developer

February 2020, Hacklytics

Georgia Institute of Technology

Prototype machine learning model that detects potentially fake amazon product reviews through classification.


Nautical NavAR

Carnival Cruise Line:
Innovation Across the Guest Journey Award

Team Lead / Developer

February 2020, SwampHacks

University of Florida

Prototype augmented reality mobile app for GPS-denied shipboard navigation using image target landmarks.



Volvo Cars: Future Mobility -
UX and New Interaction Methods Award /
Accepted - Magic Leap Hardware Access Program

Team Lead / Developer

January 2020, Reality Hack

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab

Prototype augmented reality interface for air traffic control data visualization on the Magic Leap 1.


Echelon Tour

Project Manager / Developer

January - December 2019

UCF CECS Senior Design

University of Central Florida / Echelon Fitness Multimedia

Prototype online multiplayer racing game prototype for an exercise hardware startup.


Feel Reveal

State Farm: 100 for Good Award

Team Lead / Developer

October 2019, HackFSU

Florida State University

Prototype of an unobtrusive system to help the autistic identify emotions using computer vision, with recognized facial expressions delivered through smartwatch notifications.


University of Central Florida

College of Undergraduate Studies

Systems Administrator

April 2014 - October 2015

Scanned for, identified, and remediated security vulerabilities. Managed security permissions for servers, desktops, and network file systems.



Solo Developer

January - May 2013

SHS CS Senior Design

Suncoast Community High School

Voice interface for general knowledge queries using Google Speech to Text, Natural Language Processing, and Wikipedia. Existed before Google Assistant / Apple Siri.


Suncoast Community High School

AP Scholar with Distinction

Computer Science Magnet Program

High School Diploma

August 2009 - May 2013

Coursework in C++, Java. 5's on multiple Advanced Placement exams, including Computer Science and Psychology.


Max Planck Florida Institute
for Neuroscience

Cortical Circuit Function Lab

Research Software Engineer

June - July 2012

Developed user interface / visualizations for neural imaging experiments in MATLAB/Image Processing Toolbox with Dr. James Schummers.