Eun Seo Jo
* My first name is Eun Seo, pronounced ŭnsŏ.
eunseo at

I'm a PhD student in History (international) supervised by Professor Zephyr Frank in History and Professor Gavin Wright in Economics. My dissertation project is a computational analysis of the language of American diplomacy using the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series, a select collection of diplomatic correspondences in the State Department from the mid nineteenth century. I have also worked on U.S.-East Asian relations during the Cold War. As a Stanford Data Science Scholar (2018-2020), I am interested in applications of machine learning on historical data and the ethical concerns of using socio-cultural data for AI research and systems. My research languages are Korean, Japanese, French, and Portuguese. I received a bachelor's in Economics and History from Brown University and a master's in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Stanford.

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