Eduardo Laguna Müggenburg


Networks, IO, Information and Public Economics

Current Research

Selected Research by topic

Credit Markets

Are Information Disclosures Effective?

Seira, E., Elizondo, A. and Laguna-Müggenburg, E. (2017) “Are Information Disclosures Effective? Evidence from the Credit Card Market”. AEJ: Economic Policy, VOL. 9, NO. 1

Too-Big-to-Fail in Mexico

Laguna-Müggenburg, E. and Levin Konigsberg G. (2015) “Discriminatory deposits: Implicit subsidy to Too-Big-to-Fail financial institutions in Mexico”. Working Paper

First-Mover Advatages

Laguna-Müggenburg, E. (2014) “Locked-in Debtors: First-Bank advantages in quantity competition”. Working Paper