Daniela Saban

  Assistant Professor of Operations, Information and Technology
  Graduate School of Business
  Stanford University
  Knight Management Center, E-367
  Stanford, CA 94305
  Email: dsaban "at" stanford "dot" edu


Ph.D. in Operations Management, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, 2015.
M.S. Computer Science, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2009.
B.S. Computer Science, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2006.


procurement mechanisms, online markets, socially responsible operations
market design, matching markets, auctions, game theory, combinatorial optimization.


J. Birge, O. Candogan, H. Chen and D. Saban (2018), Optimal Commissions and Subscriptions in Networked Markets.
  Preliminary version in the proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC '18), 2018.

R. Beer, I. Rios and D. Saban (2018), Increased Transparency in Procurement: The Role of Peer Effects.
  Accepted to the 13th Annual Behavioral Operations Conference, 2018.

Y. Gur, G. Macnamara and D. Saban (2018), Sequential Procurement through Contractual and Observational Learning.

Y. Kanoria and D. Saban (2017), Facilitating the search for partners on matching platforms.
  Preliminary version in the proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC '17), 2017.

D. Saban and G. Weintraub (2017), Procurement Mechanisms for Differentiated Products.
  Preliminary version in the proceedings of the 16th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC '15), 2015.


K. Bimpikis, O. Candogan and D. Saban (2017), Spatial Pricing in Ride-Sharing Networks, Operations Research, Forthcoming.
  Accepted to the Service Operations SIG, 2017.

Y. Kanoria, D. Saban and J. Sethuraman, The Size of the Core in Assignment Markets, Operations Research, 66(3):597-892, 2018. (Electronic Companion)
  Preliminary version in the proceedings of the ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA '15), 2015.

Y. Gur, D. Saban and N. Stier-Moses, The Competitive Facility Location Problem in a Duopoly, Operations Research, 2018, 66 (4), 1058-1067.
  Prelimary version in the proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Internet & Network Economics (WINE '12), 2012.

D. Saban and J. Sethuraman, The Complexity of Computing the Random Priority Allocation Matrix, Mathematics of Operations Research, 40:4, 1005-1014, 2015.

D. Saban and J. Sethuraman, A Note on Object Allocation under Lexicographic Preferences, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 50, 283-289, 2014.

D. Saban and J. Sethuraman, House Allocation with Indifferences: A Generalization and a Unified View, Proceedings of the 14th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC '13), 2013.

F. Bonomo, J. Marenco, D. Saban and N. Stier-Moses (2012), A Polyhedral Study of the Maximum Edge Subgraph Problem, Discrete Applied Mathematics , 160:18, 2573--2590, 2012.
  Proceedings of the V Latin-American Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization Symposium (LAGOS '09), 2009.

F. Bonomo, A. Cardemil, G. Duran, J. Marenco and D. Saban (2012), An Application of the Traveling Tournament Problem: The Argentine Volleyball League, Interfaces, 42 (3), 245--259, 2012.

D. Saban, F. Bonomo and N. Stier-Moses (2010), Analysis and Models of Bilateral Investment Treaties using a Social Networks Approach, Physica A, 389(17), 3661--3673, 2010.
  Master's Thesis, Computer Science Department, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2009.


Google Research Fellow at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, Fall 2015.

Finalist for the Dantzig dissertation award, 2015.

Second place in the MSOM Student Paper competition, 2015.

The Paul and Sandra Montrone Doctoral Fellowship, 2014.

Columbia University - Glasgow University Exchange Program Fellowship, 2014.

Deming Doctoral Research Fellowship, The W. Edwards Deming Center, 2013.

Doctoral Fellowship, Columbia Business School, 2010 - present.

Research Fellowship, Agencia Nacional de Promocion Cientifica y Tecnologica (equivalent to NSF), Argentina, 2009 - 2010.

Tesis de Licenciatura (MSc. Thesis): Finalist in the National Thesis Contest, organized as part of the Jornadas Argentinas de Informatica 2009.