Dan Muise

Ph.D. Candidate
Dept. of Communication
Graduate Fellow, Data Science Initiative
Stanford University


I do computational social science at Stanford. My overall interest is the Internet's impact on ideological fracturing around the world. I'm responsive to emails, interested in collaborating, and always happy to talk.

My current work utilizes the Screenomics approach: analyzing hyper-rich behavioral data collected from the smartphone. See a recent New York Times article about my lab's work. Currently, I am running a national online field experiment in the US measuring the impact of social media on political hostility. Separately, with collaborators at Microsoft Research, I am using panel data from the Nielsen company to measure echo chambers in TV news consumption.

Publications, Presentations, Software


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Muise, Daniel, Kobbi Nissim, Georgios Kellaris. 2016. CDF.PSIdekick: Public R Package for Evaluating, Visualizing and Comparing Algorithms for Creating Differentially Private Cumulative Distribution Functions and Probability Densities. Available on CRAN archive. . 2015. (CRAN)

Current Projects

I'm a member of the Screenomics Lab at Stanford, where we use millions of passively-collected screenshots to analyze content consumption and media behavior. I have three ongoing projects within this lab:

I'm also a member of Project Ratio at Harmony Labs/MSR, where we use large-scale communication data to measure the political influence of modern media. My current work is a network analysis of news audiences seeking to measure the exact size of echo chambers online and offline.


I grew up in lovely Haverhill, Massachusetts


In 2012, I was accepted to the University of Massachusetts-Lowell on a full scholarship, earning two degrees in Political Science and Economics.


In 2014, I traveled to Myanmar for the first of several times, played ukulele live on air at Mandalay FM, and have been studying the country since.


Starting in 2015, I was a research assistant at Harvard University's John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science. There, I designed empirical tests for differential privacy algorithms. Gary King, a notable methodologist in our field, was a PI on the project.


I also travel:

Recent interview and performance

In Yangon, Myanmar, July 2018; music at 8:00 and 22:22

Voiceover Narration example


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