Who is included in this survey?

Participants are randomly selected candidates for office across the country. This group includes both Democrats and Republicans as well as both incumbents and challengers for offices in all fifty states.

What kind of questions does the survey ask?

The questions concern candidates’ experiences before running for office, when they decided to run for office, and while campaigning for office. If you would prefer not to answer any of the questions you can skip them - your participation is completely voluntary.

Who will see my answers?

Candidates’ answers to the Study are completely confidential. Aggregate results may be made available to other scholars, but no information that could identify a candidate will ever be made public. The links between candidates’ names and survey codes are kept in a securely encrypted, password protected file.

How will the results be used?

The results of the surveys will be analyzed and help researchers better understand the state of American democracy. The questions we are interested in include why candidates decide to run for office and candidates’ own insights into American voters and democracy.

How can I get more information about the study?

If you have further questions, you may email us at candidate.study@duke.edu or by phone or postal mail at the addresses provided on the Contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions