Mining Missing Hyperlinks from Human Navigation Traces- A Case Study of Wikipedia

Robert West, Ashwin Paranjape, and Jure Leskovec
24th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW’15), pp. 1242–1252, Florence, Italy, 2015.

Here we propose a novel approach to identifying missing links in Wikipedia. We build on the fact that the ultimate purpose of Wikipedia links is to aid navigation. Rather than merely suggesting new links that are in tune with the structure of existing links, our method finds missing links that would immediately enhance Wikipedia’s navigability. We leverage data sets of navigation paths collected through a Wikipedia-based human-computation game in which users must find a short path from a start to a target article by only clicking links encountered along the way. We harness human navigational traces to identify a set of candidates for missing links and then rank these candidates. Experiments show that our procedure identifies missing links of high quality