arun g. chandrasekhar

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themes. [informal markets] [signaling and reputation] [social learning] [statistics] [health]


interacting regional policies in containing a disease (with paul goldsmith-pinkham, matthew o. jackson, and samuel thau) proceedings of the national academy of sciences (may, 2021): vol. 118 no. 19 doi:10.1073/pnas.2021520118 [supplementary information]

using aggregated relational data to feasibly identify network structure without network data (with emily breza, tyler mccormick, and mengjie pan, august 2019). american economic review (july, 2020): vol. 110 no. 8 doi:10.1257/aer.20170861 [online appendix], [estimation code].


networks in economic development (with emily breza, benjamin golub, and aneesha parvathaneni). oxford review of economic policy. (edited by matthew ellott, sanjeev goyal, and alex teytelboym, 2019)

econometrics of network formation. oxford handbook on the economics of networks. (edited by yann bramoulle, andrea galeotti and brian rogers, 2016)

working papers


a network formation model based on subgraphs (with matthew o. jackson, march 2021) [2nd round revised and resubmitted to the review of economic studies]

consistently estimating graph statistics using aggregated relational data (with emily breza, tyler mccormick, and mengjie pan, august 2019) [arXiv], [revision requested at biometrika]

best linear approximations to set identified functions: with an application to the gender wage gap (with victor chernozhukov, francesca molinari, and paul schrimpf, december 2018) [revision requested at quantitative economics]

in progress...

selecting the most effective nudge: evidence from a large-scale experiment on immunization (with abhijit banerjee, suresh dalpath, esther duflo, john floretta, matthew o. jackson, harini kannan, francine loza, anirudh sankar, anna schrimpf, and maheshwor shrestha, april 2021)

identifying the latent space geometry of network models through analysis of curvature (with shane lubold and tyler mccormick, april 2021)

seeing the forest for the trees? an investigation of network knowledge (with emily breza and alireza tahbaz-salehi, february 2018)

econometrics of sampled networks (with randall lewis, november 2016)

some work in progress

old stuff

tractable and consistent random graph models (with matthew o. jackson, june 2014), nber working paper #20276, arXiv. replaced by a network formation model based on subgraphs.