arun g. chandrasekhar

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themes. [informal markets] [signaling and reputation] [social learning] [statistics] [health]


social networks, reputation and commitment: evidence from a savings monitors experiment (with emily breza). econometrica (january, 2019): vol. 87 issue 1 doi:10.3982/ECTA13683 [auxiliary appendix]

social networks as contract enforcement: evidence from a lab experiment in the field (with cynthia kinnan and horacio larreguy). amerian economic journal: applied economics (october, 2018): vol. 10 no. 4 doi:10.1257/app.20150057 [online appendix and data]


networks in economic development (with emily breza, benjamin golub, and aneesha parvathaneni). oxford review of economic policy. (edited by matthew ellott, sanjeev goyal, and alex teytelboym, 2019)

working papers


when less is more: experimental evidence on information delivery during india's demonetization (with abhijit banerjee, emily breza, and benjamin golub, may 2019) [revision requested at the review of economic studies]

network centrality and informal institutions: evidence from a lab experiment in the field (with emily breza and horacio larreguy, august 2019), nber working paper #20309 [revision requested at the journal of public economics ]

in progress...

designing effective celebrity public health messaging: results from a nationwide twitter experiment in indonesia (with vivi alatas, markus mobius, benjamin olken, and cindy paladines, june 2020)

signaling, shame, and silence in social learning (with benjamin golub and he yang, may 2019) [submitted]

some work in progress

affirmative action, attitudes, and social networks: evidence from caste-based reservation in india (with emily breza)

noise and diffusion (with abhijit banerjee and emily breza)

advice (with ben golub and he yang)

skepticism (with emily breza and ben golub)

team production and free riding (with attila ambrus and matt elliott)

old stuff