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themes. [informal markets] [signaling and reputation] [social learning] [statistics] [health]


interacting regional policies in containing a disease (with paul goldsmith-pinkham, matthew o. jackson, and samuel thau) proceedings of the national academy of sciences (may, 2021): vol. 118 no. 19 doi:10.1073/pnas.2021520118 [supplementary information]

comparison of knowledge and information-seeking behavior after general covid-19 public health messages and messages tailored for black and latinx communities: a randomized controlled trial (with marcella alsan, fatima cody stanford, abhijit banerjee, emily breza, sarah eichmeyer, paul goldsmith-pinkham, lucy ogbu-nwobodo, benjamin olken, carlos torres, anirudh sankar, pierre-luc vautrey, and esther duflo). annals of internal medicine:

using aggregated relational data to feasibly identify network structure without network data (with emily breza, tyler mccormick, and mengjie pan, august 2019). american economic review (july, 2020): vol. 110 no. 8 doi:10.1257/aer.20170861 [online appendix], [estimation code].

testing models of social learning on networks: evidence from two experiments (with horacio larreguy and juan pablo xandri). econometrica (january, 2020): doi:10.3982/ecta14407 [online appendix], [auxiliary appendix], [data and programs]

using gossips to spread information: theory and evidence from two randomized controlled trials (with abhijit banerjee, esther duflo, and matthew o. jackson). the review of economic studies (february, 2019): doi:10.1093/restud/rdz008 [data and programs]

social networks, reputation and commitment: evidence from a savings monitors experiment (with emily breza). econometrica (january, 2019): vol. 87 issue 1 doi:10.3982/ECTA13683 [auxiliary appendix]

social networks as contract enforcement: evidence from a lab experiment in the field (with cynthia kinnan and horacio larreguy). amerian economic journal: applied economics (october, 2018): vol. 10 no. 4 doi:10.1257/app.20150057 [online appendix and data]

network structure and the aggregation of information: theory and evidence from indonesia (with vivi alatas, abhijit banerjee, rema hanna and ben olken). american economic review (july, 2016): vol. 106 no. 7 doi:10.1257/aer.20140705 [online appendix], [full data]

the diffusion of microfinance (with abhijit banerjee, esther duflo and matthew o. jackson). science (2013): vol. 341 no. 6144 1236498 doi:10.1126/science.1236498 [abstract, full text] [supplementary material] [full data]


networks in economic development (with emily breza, benjamin golub, and aneesha parvathaneni). oxford review of economic policy. (edited by matthew ellott, sanjeev goyal, and alex teytelboym, 2019)

econometrics of network formation. oxford handbook on the economics of networks. (edited by yann bramoulle, andrea galeotti and brian rogers, 2016)

working papers


a network formation model based on subgraphs (with matthew o. jackson, march 2021) [2nd round revised and resubmitted to the review of economic studies]

naive learning with uninformed agents (with abhijit banerjee, emily breza, and markus mobius, january 2021) [revised and resubmitted to the american economic review]

changes in social network structure in response to exposure to formal credit markets (with abhijit banerjee, emily breza, esther duflo, matthew o. jackson and cynthia kinnan, december 2020) [revised and resubmitted to the review of economic studies]

consistently estimating graph statistics using aggregated relational data (with emily breza, tyler mccormick, and mengjie pan, august 2019) [arXiv], [revision requested at biometrika]

when less is more: experimental evidence on information delivery during india's demonetization (with abhijit banerjee, emily breza, and benjamin golub, may 2019) [revision requested at the review of economic studies]

best linear approximations to set identified functions: with an application to the gender wage gap (with victor chernozhukov, francesca molinari, and paul schrimpf, december 2018) [revision requested at quantitative economics ]

network centrality and informal institutions: evidence from a lab experiment in the field (with emily breza and horacio larreguy, august 2019), nber working paper #20309 [revision requested at the journal of public economics ]

a note on payments in the lab for infinite horizon dynamic games with discounting (with juan pablo xandri, june 2014) [revision requested at economic theory]

in progress...

encouraging survey response rates among disadvantaged communities in the u.s.: a randomized trial of credible partnership, monetary incentives, and moral reasoning (with marcella alsan, abhijit banerjee, emily breza, esther duflo, paul goldsmith-pinkham, weston merrick, and benjamin olken)

selecting the most effective nudge: evidence from a large-scale experiment on immunization (with abhijit banerjee, suresh dalpath, esther duflo, john floretta, matthew o. jackson, harini kannan, francine loza, anirudh sankar, anna schrimpf, and maheshwor shrestha, april 2021)

identifying the latent space geometry of network models through analysis of curvature (with shane lubold and tyler mccormick, april 2021)

financial centrality and the value of key players (with rob townsend and juan pablo xandri, november 2020)

messages on covid-19 prevention in india increased symptoms reporting and adherence to preventative behaviors among 25 million recipients with similar effects on non-recipient members of their communities (with abhijit banerjee, marcella alsan, emily breza, abhijit chowdhury, esther duflo, paul goldsmith-pinkham, and benjamin olken, june, 2020)

designing effective celebrity public health messaging: results from a nationwide twitter experiment in indonesia (with vivi alatas, markus mobius, benjamin olken, and cindy paladines, june 2020)

network-based hiring: local benefits; global costs (with melanie morten and alessandra peter, march 2020) [submitted]

signaling, shame, and silence in social learning (with benjamin golub and he yang, may 2019)

seeing the forest for the trees? an investigation of network knowledge (with emily breza and alireza tahbaz-salehi, february 2018)

econometrics of sampled networks (with randall lewis, november 2016)

some work in progress

affirmative action, attitudes, and social networks: evidence from caste-based reservation in india (with emily breza)

noise and diffusion (with abhijit banerjee and emily breza)

advice (with ben golub and he yang)

skepticism (with emily breza and ben golub)

team production and free riding (with attila ambrus and matt elliott)

old stuff

social investments, informal risk sharing, and inequality (with attila ambrus and matt elliott, july 2015), nber working paper #20669.

tractable and consistent random graph models (with matthew o. jackson, june 2014), nber working paper #20276, arXiv. replaced by a network formation model based on subgraphs.

come play with me: experimental evidence of information diffusion about rival goods (with abhijit banerjee, emily breza, esther duflo, and matthew o. jackson)

information, networks and social insurance: evidence from a lab experiment in the field (with cynthia kinnan and horacio larreguy, september 2011)