Stanford University
Kindred Britain 2.0: Kindred London
Kindred Britain takes one of the oldest forms of social network analysis, family relationships, and reimagines it for the contemporary medium of the Web. When Kindred Britain 1.0 launched in September 2013, Fast Company wrote that the interactive website was “a compelling example of the way the 'digital' in the term 'digital humanities’ can create a completely new sub-discipline that was almost unable to be studied without the aid of computerization.”

For the upcoming Kindred Britain 2.0, we are creating a new feature, Kindred London, focussed on Britain’s capital city in the period between 1700 and 1950. Using digitized versions of three spectacular historic London maps and harmonizing them with current visualization techniques, we will be creating an innovatively immersive experience of a vanished London. In brief, think Google Maps for the Victorian world. By creating as provocative, information-rich and aesthetically compelling a site as we can, our goal is not to provide answers but to stimulate users to ask their own new questions.
Former Research Assistants:
Michael Carter, Patrick Lawhon, Charu Srivastava

Spatial History