Howery, Cherkea

Grad Status: 
In the Field

Cherkea Howery earned an M.A. in Museum Studies from New York University and an M.A. in Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Bristol prior to starting work on her PhD at Stanford University. Her current research focuses on exploring the potential for community-centered outreach programs at archaeological site museums in Greece. This interdisciplinary project will investigate the relationship between heritage sites and local communities in order to better elucidate our understanding of the cultural importance of museums. Functioning in a depressed economy, such institutions will ultimately depend on the implementation of sustainable programs for their future viability. Cherkea’s previous research focused on exposing the inconsistencies in ethical practices and acquisition policies at museums. She has participated on archaeological projects worldwide and has worked at the Agora Museum in Athens, Greece and at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.