Moran, John

Grad Status: 
Second Year Cohort

My research interests orient toward transnational corporate projects, particularly as they relate to nationalist, globalist, and development discourses. A primary goal of this focus is the anthropological consideration of certain types of regulatory mechanisms and corporate institutional structures. Ethnographically, I am interested in Chinese overseas investment, specifically Chinese-owned resource extraction projects in Peru and the work of consultants contracted to assess and mitigate the socio-environmental impacts of such projects. This focus directs concern toward conflict negotiation, dispossession, the construction of space and place, the construction and imagination of place-in-the-world, indigenous environmentalism, modularity, and global supply chains. Scholastically, I draw from the anthropology of capitalism and neoliberalism, geography, critical theory and continental philosophy, and an interest in narrative writing. I was graduated with a B.A. from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.