Winter 2018, EE367/CS448I: Computational Imaging and Display

Instructors: Gordon Wetzstein, Varsha Sankar (TA), Sanyam Mehra (TA)

Poster printing instructions
(written by Steven Clark, Instructional Labs Manager, Electrical Engineering Department)

We are making a transition from self-service poster printing to a more "full-service" mechanism.
Here is what you need to know -
To have your poster printed, send your poster in .pdf format to
Please include the dimensions (size) of your poster.
Please include the class / conference / event where the poster will be presented.
When your poster is ready you will receive an email telling you where your poster may be picked up.
That's it!

For anyone interested in additional details, read on...
Motivation: As class sizes requiring final poster presentations have grown, there have been larger numbers of people trying to print posters contemporaneously. This has led to long lines, wasted time and stress as users work through the details of getting their poster printed. This new approach is an attempt to streamline the poster printing process and eliminate these issues.
Here is a peek behind the curtain: Posters can be SUBMITTED at any time. Just email them to
Posters will be PRINTED - weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific time on a first-in, first-out basis. When COMPLETE, the poster owner will receive an email to that effect containing the location where they may pick-up the poster. Finished posters will be hung on a wall in a location where they may be picked up at any time. POSTERS WILL NOT BE DELIVERED. During busy periods, no poster will be re-printed until all posters in the queue have been printed once. If there are problems (of any type) that prevent a poster from being printed, the person submitting the poster will immediately be notified so they may address the issues. All re-submitted posters go to the end of the queue. All posters submitted BEFORE the 6:00 PM Pacific time deadline will be printed the same day. All posters must be submitted at least three (3) hours before the beginning of the poster session at which they are to be displayed. POSTERS SENT AFTER THE THREE (3) HOUR CUTOFF WILL NOT BE PRINTED. Example: I have a poster session at 4:00 PM; I will need to email my poster by 1:00 PM for it to be printed.

Thank you for your help with adapting to this new system. We hope it is faster for you, easier, and yields lower stress for all users.

Sincerely, Steve