Winter 2020, EE367/CS448I: Computational Imaging and Display

Instructors: Gordon Wetzstein, Mark Nishimura (TA)

Final Projects

# Team Members Project Title Mentor Proposal Report Poster Code
1 Erick Blankenberg, Scott Blankenberg Survey of Disparity Map Algorithms Intended for Real Time Stereoscopic Depth Estimation Julien Martel PDF PDF PDF GitHub, ZIP
2 Alex Evelson, Andrea Baldioceda Creating a Low-Light, Motion-Blurred Image Processing Pipeline Mark Nishimura DOCX PDF PDF ZIP
3 Natalie Gable Single Image Dehazing of Remote Sensing Images Gordon Wetzstein PDF PDF PDF ZIP
4 Manu Gopakumar, Brian Chiang Learned Propagation Model with Complex Convolutions for Holographic Systems Evan Peng PDF PDF PPTX ZIP
5 Linus Hein High Resolution and Frame Rate Video through Fusion of Lower Quality Videos Gordon Wetzstein PDF PDF PDF ZIP
6 Axel Levy A Continuous Neural Representation for Events to Video Reconstruction Julien Martel PDF PDF PDF ZIP
7 Junnan Liu Dynamic Depth of Field Rendering Cindy Nguyen PDF PDF PPT ZIP
8 William Meng Single-Element Ultrasound Imaging with Compressed Sensing Suyeon Choi PDF PDF PDF ZIP
9 Jhoneldrick Millares Dynamic Defocus Deblurring with Depth Data Mark Nishimura PDF PDF PDF GitHub, ZIP
10 Anthony Vento, Edwin Pan MetaHDR: Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning for HDR Image Reconstruction Cindy Nguyen PDF PDF PDF GitHub, ZIP
11 Cesare Mercurio, Nagappan Rathinam, Shankar Parasaram Extended DOF with Focus Sweep Gordon Wetzstein PDF PDF PPT ZIP
12 Qingqing Zhao Meta-learning for Solving Inverse Problems David Lindell PDF PDF PDF ZIP
13 Wei Ren Denoising Experimental Video with BM3D-based Methods Mark Nishimura PDF PDF PDF ZIP
14 Weiyun Jiang Super-Resolution with Local Implicit Image Function and SIREN Alex Bergman PDF PDF PDF ZIP
15 Sarah Xu Light Field Depth Estimation with Multi-Layer Perceptron Gordon Wetzstein PDF PDF PPT ZIP
16 Zewen Zhang Image Denoising of Low-Electron-Dose Transmission Electron Microscopy Hayato Ikoma PDF PDF PDF ZIP
17 Jerald Evans Analysis of Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution with a TV Prior Mark Nishimura PDF PDF PDF ZIP