Sean Choi - Papers

  1. The Case for a Flexible Low-Level Backend for Software Data Planes
    Sean Choi, Xiang Long, Muhammad Shahbaz, Skip Booth, Andy Keep, John Marshall, and Changhoon Kim
    ACM SIGCOMM APNet, Hong Kong, August 2017
    7 pages pdf

  2. AppSwitch: Application-layer Load Balancing within a Software Switch
    Eyal Cidon, Sean Choi, Sachin Katti, and Nick McKeown
    ACM SIGCOMM APNet, Hong Kong, August 2017
    7 pages pdf

  3. PISCES: A Programmable, Protocol-Independent Software Switch
    Muhammad Shahbaz, Sean Choi, Ben Pfaff, Changhoon Kim, Nick Feamster, Nick McKeown, and Jennifer Rexford
    ACM SIGCOMM, Florianópolis, Brazil, August 2016
    14 pages pdf

  4. Integrated bioprinting and imaging for scalable, networkable desktop experimentation
    Nathan Orloff, Cynthia Troung, Nathan Cira, Stephen Koo, Andrea Hamilton, Sean Choi, Victoria Wu, Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse
    RSC Advances Issue 65, 2014
    8 pages pdf

  5. The Browsemaps: Collaborative Filtering at LinkedIn
    Lili Wu, Sam Shah, Sean Choi, Mitul Tiwari, Christian Posse
    RSWeb ’14 Foster City, CA
    8 pages pdf

  6. Social Data and College Statistics
    Sean Choi, Elena Grewal, Kai Wen
    Influence ’12 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    5 pages pdf

  7. Stochastic Kronecker Graph on Vertex-Centric BSP
    Ernest Ryu, Sean Choi
    Personal Interest, Unsubmitted
    6 pages pdf