Sean Choi - Bio

Short Biography

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the electrical engineering department at Stanford University. My research is currently being advised by Professor Nick McKeown. I have also completed a M.S. degree in computer science at Stanford University and B.S. degree in computer science at California Institute of Technology. After finishing my masters degree and before returning as a Ph.D. student, I worked at LinkedIn as a data engineer and worked at VMware as a software engineer for couple of years.

My current research work is about adding programmability to network switches via a domain specific language called P4. P4 is a protocol-independent and target-independent language, that is capable of quickly and easily defining a function of a network object (i.e. a data-center switch). Given this language, my work is to first build a software-switch that can take a P4 input and generate the described function dynamically.

This would allow for a protocol-independent and easily programmable software switch. Given this, my work also involves showing that this protocol-independent software switch is as performant as the protocol-dependent software switches that are currently being used in the industry.


Full Resume is here (Updated as of March 28, 2016)