Assignment 2: Stanford Tree

By: Vasanth Mohan


When trying to think of something to draw using basic blocks and triangles, I was always thinking that it would be really cool to do something Stanford related. After seeing the example tree in the assignment description, I thought it would be awesome to draw the Stanford tree, which is what you see.


All of the shapes that were used in this picture were created using a Triangle Strip algorithm. The algorithm is given a set of n points and assuming they are given in the correct order, it will build a polygon using the points provided. For each point, you are also able to specify a color and in the rasterization process, it will create a color gradient as is clearly seen in the background.

There are only 4 distinct sets of vertices that were needed in order to draw the Stanford Tree. One was for the background. Another for the tree trunk. All the rectangles that make up the Stanford S used one set of vertices that were then scaled, rotated, and translated by a matrix to come out on the screen in the right orientation. The same holds true for the crown of the tree.