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When I first heard the thunder sound clip, I noticed that it wasn't particularly violent, like it was a little bit smaller than life. I thought it would be interesting to show nature, an all-encompassing concept, being encapsulated and brought down to size. At first I toyed with the idea of showing a thunderstorm and then elevating above it to show a mischievous deity playing with the elements. While experimenting, I tried setting the world inside a crystal ball, and I suddenly remembered the phenomenon in which the image inside the ball is flipped. I decided to build on that idea from there.

I wanted to reveal the "nature of nature" slowly, first showing the thunderstorm, and then zooming out to show that it is inside the crystal ball. As the ball then descends, we notice that the trees in the background are actually upside down, and the ball is actually ascending… then nature rights itself again, but the thunderstorm in the ball remains flipped—rightly so. So which is the correct reality? The answer is left ambiguously: first the outer world fades away, and the thunderstorm inside the ball overtakes the scene, soon that too fades away.