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Books & Chapters

  • Vyasarayani, C.P., Uchida, T., Carvalho, A., McPhee, J. Parameter identification in dynamic systems using the homotopy optimization approach. In Alberer, D., Hjalmarsson, H., del Re, L. (eds.) Identification for Automotive Systems. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 418:129–145, 2012. ISBN 978-1-4471-2221-0.
  • Uchida, T.K. Real-time Dynamic Simulation of Constrained Multibody Systems: A Symbolic Computational Perspective, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2011. Available at and, ISBN 978-3-639-36225-1.


    Entombed herein ideas slumber,
    Buried under text and number,
    Caged by bars of Times New Roman
    Marching 'cross these pages woven.

    Go henceforth, revive once more
    These visions that my mind once bore;
     And if thou art the curious kind,
     Perhaps some interest thou shalt find
     Amid the seeds and pith and rind,
    As that's the purpose of this lore.


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