Three different layers connected to each other in three different ways—attached like joints and muscles and bones, the final result walking like a human, covered by the skin-threads of the whole being. On one level, there is the sequence of the day: sonically, there is the birds chirping (as in the morning), the masses moving (as during the crowd, moving moving through work), and Brahm’s lullaby (of the night). These respectively connect to the other elements, the birds chirping connect to the word of zipper, which is like starting off the morning, and dressing, putting the day together, and zipping up your clothes. The word masses connects to the image of the poppies quickly moving through the frame, as though symbolizing hundreds of people, all different, all similar in the moment. And the Brahm’s lullaby connects to the cologne of the night—that special scent of black and white, something faded right before you go to sleep.

In addition, there are elements of metaphor, errors that work as the blood and veins, functioning beneath these ideas to make them work. For instance, this can be found in the loose aesthetic connection between the zipper and the theme-park visual, as well as with the soothing element that glides the poppies’ dreamy song into the bell-pricking lullaby. Once again, this is a haiku that is to work as a perfume, & this, in itself, is acknowledged by the final word.